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We we care about helping you recover from sexual addiction and want to help you regain hope when you find yourself trapped in dark place trapped by the storm clouds of pain and loss.

Sex Addiction Help and Counseling

One of the most effective ways to get help is with professional counseling help and therapy. This is because the therapist can objectively assess your situation from an outside perspective.

Authentic Counseling

We started Authentic Counseling to do just that. Provide authentic help for people without any strings, subterfuge, or underlying motives attached. While we are not currently provided counseling services at this time, we can connect you with other licensed counselors (LPCs) and therapists in the field of sex addiction therapy through Psychology Today who can help.

Free Sex Addiction Help Resources

Just because you want to get better doesn't mean you have to pay a lot of money. All people in need, struggling, and fighting for hope should be able to get help when facing sex addiction no matter what they can afford. There are free resources you can use to help combat sex addiction including eBooks and recovery groups.

No one is too far gone to save and anyone who is lost can find their way back to where they are truly supposed to be.

Our Vision & Mission

Our mission is simple. We want to help people in need recover from sexual addiction. This includes meeting broken people where they are in the addiction cycle. It is important to help you or your loved one find the sex addiction help resources needed to break the chains of addiction, set new boundaries, and recover.

Our vision is global. Sex addiction is a world-wide problem and there is no end to the suffering caused by it. This vision is also all encompassing and includes sex addicts struggling with things like pornography and escort services.

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There is hope of recovery from sexual addiction

Sex addicts can recover by learning the right information, seeking to change their behaviors, participating in individual and couples counseling sessions, and joining recovery workshops and groups.


This includes following the proven step-by-step process for gaining a functional awareness of sex addiction's destructive patterns, identifying weaknesses in addiction management and coping strategies, and wanting to get better.

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